Chauffeur Driven V Class Mercedes

Popular for Chauffeur driven executive travel and airport transfers as well as luxury chauffeur driven Event Hire. The V-Class will carry up to 7 passengers in chauffeur driven luxury. More than just a people carrier whatever the occasion, the Viano chauffeur driven MPV will give your party space and flexibility to work, entertain or relax in impeccable safety and comfort.

Glasgow Luxury Transfer Vehicles

All vehicles are of the latest model and specification and come equipped with the following complimentary features: Free on board Water, Newspapers, Communications & WiFi

Our fleet of Silver V-Class People Carriers is available with one of our trained Chauffeurs across Scotland on either half or full-day hire.

The V-Class Carries 7 clients in comfort with enough luggage space for 7 medium size cases and hand luggage or overnight cases.


Mercedes “V” Class

 The interior of the chauffeur-driven V-Class is particularly suited to executive travel and roadshows, with ample space for meetings on the go.

It also makes a fantastic wedding vehicle capable of carrying bridesmaids and other wedding guests in great comfort. Luxurious leather trim with space for six/seven passengers to be chauffeured in complete comfort in conference style seating.

The Viano seats are typically arranged in the “Conference” position. However, with prior notice and to suit your occasion we can rearrange the seats so that all passengers are facing forward.

Whether you are planning a corporate day out, or shopping expedition to the City Centre then our Luxury V-Class is the vehicle tailored for the job. With a spacious rear cabin and luxurious leather seats, the V-Class can transport up to 7 passengers in complete safety, comfort and style.

Glasgow Luxury Transfer has always chosen its fleet with safety being the first factor in mind. Our Mercedes fleet highlights our commitment to your safety, the new V-Class is the leading People mover, packed with innovative technologies for our client’s protection and peace of mind.

Attention assist, for example, monitors our Chauffeurs driving characteristics for signs of long journey fatigue and warns them when to take a break. When adverse weather conditions are experienced the Sidewind Assist System is another key feature, detecting when high winds may cause the V-Class to drift across its lane and using targeted braking to help correct the situation. Other systems include the LED Intelligent Light System, which adapts headlamps to suit the many types of driving condition which can be experienced in the UK.

The Conference seating in the rear of the V-Class allows up to six passengers to travel in comfort, with the extra-long wheelbase ensuring adequate legroom for long journeys.

The ease of access makes the V-Class popular with Wedding Parties for Bride and Bridesmaids alike with plenty of room for those flowing dresses. Privacy glass also helps keep your travel private from the outside world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vehicle luggage capacity ?

Depending on the vehicle type chosen for your transport up to seven large cases at a maximum in the “V” class mercedes. Two medium cases and two pieces of hand luggage in the other Mercedes vehicles. If you are unsure please ask.

Will my Chauffeur wear a shirt and tie ?

YES We have both male and female drivers, who always come dressed in a suit, tie and hat. Providing you with the professional image to pass to your executive clients.

Will my Chauffeur help with my luggage ?

YES Your Chauffeur is there to help with all aspects of your travel, luggage included.

Do you provide bottled water ?
 YES free refreshments are provided for your travel.

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